Chapmans Auto your first choice for all MoT and service needs
smooth running...


Keep your car running efficiently & help to avoid MoT failures...

From just 79.00 Chapmans Auto will service your engine - contact us for details.

Chapmans Auto's Interim service includes replacing engine oil, filters (air & oil) & plugs.*

In addition our Full service includes checking cam belts, wheel bearings, lights, cleaning & adjusting brakes.*

We recommend a Full Service to ensure your car is thoroughly checked. 

   A regular service will help to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently.
   Help to avoid minor MoT failures by getting your car serviced before the MoT. 
   Help the resale value of your car by getting your service book stamped.

The examples below show what good value you'll get for the high quality work done by Chapmans Auto.   Contact us for an accurate price for your vehicle.

Car type

Fuel type Interim/Full Price from
Up to 1100cc petrol Interim 120
Between 1100 - 2000cc petrol Interim 146
Between 2000 - 2500cc petrol Interim 220
Up to 1200cc diesel Interim 120
Between 1200 - 1600cc diesel Interim 146
Between 1600 - 2000cc diesel Interim 230
4X4 Turbo Diesel 2500cc diesel Interim 180
4X4 Turbo Diesel 3000cc diesel Interim 200
Up to 1100cc petrol Full 190
Between 1100 - 2000cc petrol Full 220
Between 2000 - 2500cc petrol Full 280
Up to 1200cc diesel Full 180
Between 1200 - 1600cc diesel Full 220
Between 1600 - 2000cc diesel Full 280
4X4 Turbo Diesel 2500cc diesel Full 250
4X4 Turbo Diesel 3000cc diesel Full 300

*All parts are fitted under manufacturers' warrantee.