Chapmans Auto your first choice for all MoT and service needs

Chapmans Auto - MoT, Service & Repairs

Chapmans Auto are a recognised MoT Centre and offer quick MoT testing and repairs*.
We carry out pre MoT checks and provide a free re-test after resolving any MoT failures.
We want you to make Chapmans Auto your first choice for all MoT and service needs. read more

  We offer two options for MoT tests.

Book your MoT for just 30 that's a saving of more than 40% on the statutory price.
If you are in a hurry for 40 we offer a 'while you wait' service'*

(Approximately 45-50 minutes)

  Service your car.

Avoid minor MoT failures by getting your car serviced before the MoT.
Many features that contribute to safety are examined and often rectified during a service.


  Snap-on Diagnostics.

We were the first garage in Bristol to be qualified to use the cutting edge Snap-on diagnostics.
So if you have any problems or, are planning a long trip, for only 35 we will use Verus to identify faults.

  You can trust Chapmans Auto.

Many customers come back time and time again and recommend us to friends.

We aim to explain everything in simple terms and our staff are happy to answer any queries.
We give honest and accurate advice with your best interests in mind.
We always provide a quote before carrying out any work.
We accept all major credit cards, cheques with bankers card for larger amounts as well as cash for MoTs and smaller jobs.

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